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Double The Chicken, Double The Jerkitude

, , , , , | Working | October 28, 2021

I work at a hospital and go to the cafeteria five days a week for food. After browsing the options for the day and nothing looking really appealing to me, I finally settle and head over to the hot line.

Me: “Just a piece of chicken, please.”

The worker places the smallest piece of chicken in the pan in my container.

Me: “Actually, make it two pieces.”

I say it quickly before she shuts the container. The worker gives me a weird look but obliges and puts the second piece in the container and writes, “X2,” on the box.

I grab a ready-made salad, piling it on top of the box with the chicken in it, and grab a drink before heading to pay.

Me: “Two pieces of chicken…” *opens the box to show the cashier* “…and then just the salad and soda.”

Before the cashier has even finished ringing my food in, the employee that served me the food rushes up.

Worker: “She had two pieces of chicken! I knew you were going to try and steal!”

Both the cashier and I are surprised at this point.

Cashier: “Uhhh, yes. It says, ‘2x,’ on the container and she even opened the box to show me.”

The worker’s face turned red and she stormed off. Apparently, she had been taking it upon herself to try and catch thieves. After multiple false accusations, she either got moved or fired; I haven’t seen her since.

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