Double Spaced Out On Christmas

| Learning | December 10, 2013

(We have an essay due soon. Two of our teachers are explaining the importance of double-spacing the text.)

Teacher #1: “Imagine this: It’s Christmas Day, and we go to mark your essay.”

Teacher #2: “True story. We actually have to do that. You get holidays, we get essays!”

Teacher #1: “Exactly. So we go to mark your essay. The first thing that we see, when we look at the page, is that it isn’t double-spaced. That would ruin our entire Christmas!”

Teacher #2: “We would be an emotional wreck all day. We wouldn’t even be able to cook Christmas dinner for our families.”

Teacher #1: “And then we would have to content ourselves with a disgusting mince pie.”

Teacher #2: “And it would all be your fault!”

(Needless to say, we will all be double-spacing our essays from now on.)

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