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Double Slice

, , | Right | July 29, 2020

The not-so-right customer in this case is me. I live with my boyfriend. We order a pizza but realise we have to go to a nearby store to pick up something before closing time. We just arrive back at our house when we notice the delivery guy waiting for us.

Me: “Oh, look, here’s our pizza.”

Delivery Guy: “That’ll be [amount].”

We pay and head back to our flat when my boyfriend suddenly stops and casts a weird look at me.

Boyfriend: “I thought we ordered their special offer; that costs only [smaller amount]. How come we had to pay this much?”

I check the box and sure enough, it’s a totally different order than what we ordered. The address on the box is right; the name, however, is not. We stand there, bewildered, when our neighbour comes out of the building.

Neighbour: “Is that my pizza? Because I just ordered one from [Pizza Place] and I figured it must have arrived, but they forgot to call me. What happened?”

Me: “Well…”

It turned out he had ordered at the same time and from the same restaurant as us. I had to call the place and explain the situation. I think I heard them laughing in the background.

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