Double Clap!

, , , | Right | April 19, 2021

I’m finishing up a man’s transaction when I hear the lady next in line speak up pretty loudly and excitedly while clapping her hands.

Customer: “Yay, a human!”

I just laugh awkwardly out of respect. When I serve her:

Customer: “Sorry for the outburst, but I just hate self-checkouts in stores because I feel they take cashier jobs away from people.”

I understand. The next morning, I’m back on the register, and amazingly, I get a different woman who walks up to my register and says excitedly, while clapping:

Other Customer: “Yay, a human!”

Me: *Thinking* “How in the heck did I get two different women on two different days do the exact same thing?”

I swear when you work in retail, you get some of the craziest interactions.

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