Doth Protest Too Much

| Related | January 31, 2014

(I am an incredibly shy teen, but can be very expressive around my family and close friends. I also have a deep passion for literature, especially Shakespeare. I am talking with my mom about how happy I am with my Christmas gifts.)

Me: “I really love the Shakespeare plays you and dad gave me. Thanks a lot!”

Mom: “You know, you should join that local theater group that puts on Shakespeare plays. You’ve got a real love for Shakespeare and a great talent for acting.”

Me: “Absolutely not! There’s no WAY I’m going to act in front of crowds of people! That is literally my worst nightmare! Not to mention I’ve failed the few auditions I’ve been forced to try due to stage fright!”

Mom: “But you are good at acting! You can really get into character when you try.”

Me: *speaking very emphatically while making large, dramatic gestures* “NO! I CAN’T ACT!”

Mom: *laughs hysterically*

Me: “What’s so—” *realizing how dramatic I just was* “Oh, crud.”

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