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Door-To-Door Murderers

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(Our family enjoys crime procedurals, and we prefer to watch them over anything else. This particular night, we’re watching a late-night rerun of one such show, and this episode features a serial killer who’s murdering entire families. He gains access to his victims’ homes by knocking on the door, holding a dead cat, and explaining that he and his buddy accidentally ran over said cat and asking if it belongs to the family. The episode has just finished up, close to midnight, when we hear a knock on the door.)

Mom: “Someone get the door.”

Me: *exchanging deer-in-the-headlights look with my brother* “You get the door.”

Brother: “I’m not getting the door!”

Mom: “Holy s***, someone get the door!”

Me: “After that episode, we’re not getting the door!”

(The kicker? When Mom finally gave up and opened the door herself, it was the cat! Our cat has learned that if he bangs on the door with his paw, someone will let him in. It was just his luck to “knock” right after we’d watched that particular episode!)

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