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“DoNut” Test Me

| Learning | March 22, 2017

(In eighth grade, I had a science teacher I didn’t like. Gradually, over the first few months, she became one of my favorite teachers. There are quite a few students in the class who were not the brightest. Apparently, a deal was made between her and Student #1.)

Student #1: “Hey, [Teacher]! If I turn this in, then I’ll have a ‘B,’ and I’ll win!”

Teacher: “Yeah? But, remember: I’m the one pushing the button.”

Student #1: “That’s blackmail!”

Teacher: “No, it’s teacher privileges.”

(Everyone in the class, including me, tune into the conversation.)

Student #2: “Oooh, kill ’em!”

Teacher: “So, [Student #1] and I made a deal. If he gets a ‘B’ in my class, I’ll buy donuts for all of you.”

Student #2: “[Student #1]! We’re counting on you!”

Teacher: “Hey, let’s throw [Student #2] into the mix. If he gets a ‘C,’ everyone gets two donuts.”

(No more than five minutes later does this happen:)

Teacher: “Today, we’re studying for our test tomorrow.”

Student #2: *loudly* “Wait, we have a test?”

Student #1: *loudly, immediately after* “Wait, we had homework? What?”

Teacher: *looking directly at me, she laughs, and says* “Donuts…”

(We’re not quite sure we’re going to get donuts at all!)

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