Donut Be Like This Person, Part 2

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It is a very busy day at the donut shop where I work. We are completely out of glazed donuts because the machine has been down almost the entire day. We will not be making any more glazed since it is ten minutes until closing and we have to prepare for the next morning with shells and donut holes. A family walks in: a mother, four young adults or teenagers, and a baby boy. They have a coupon for two-dozen glazed donuts.

Me: “I’m sorry but we’re actually all out of glazed for the night, but I can give you an assorted dozen for the same price that the coupon gives, if you would like.”

Assorted dozens are a selection of mixed donuts and usually cost more.

Mother: “No. We want glazed.”

Me: “Then I can give you some donut holes, no charge, if you would like.”

Mother: “Well, what about the rest of the donuts? Will they be fresh?”

Me: “All our donuts are made daily so they are all fresh, but they won’t be hot like the donut holes.”

Mother: “Don’t you have any in the back? Are the maple fresh?”

We do have some newer maples in the back and some newer peanut butter twists in the display, but those are the only newly-made donuts so I said yes, but all the other ones have the same amount of freshness.

Mother: “Okay, we want those.”

Me: “Okay, how many?”

She tells me how many she wants so I go to the back and get them.

Me: “Okay, what else would you like?”

Mother: “The peanut butter twists.”

I start to grab the peanut butter twists from the display since those are newly-made but she interrupts me.

Mother: “I want them all fresh, please!

I don’t argue with her, but I ask which other ones she would like me to get from the back and she tells me. I go to the back and grab them all. My manager sees me.

Manager: “What are you doing?”

Me: “She said she wanted me to get them from the back?”

She goes to the front and I follow her with the dozen.

Manager: “I’m not sure if you were informed, but all the donuts were made at the same time today and are made daily. The ones in the back are the same as the ones here in the front.”

Mother: “I never said anything about the back.”

Manager: “Well, I just wanted to let you know.”

The manager leaves.

Me: “Okay, what would you like in your second dozen?”

Mother: “Some chocolate.”

I start to grab the chocolate.

Mother: “I thought we were getting all fresh ones?”

Me: “My manager just explained that these are the same as the ones in the back, but if you would like, I can memorize which donuts you would like in your dozen or write it down, and then go to the back and get the donuts for you?”

Mother: “Whatever, I’ll just get them from here.”

She motions to the display. We finish her order and I put the donuts on the counter before grabbing the hot donut holes from the machine.


Me: “Yes, I’ll go get them now.”

Mother: “Wow, they’re all rude in here. I don’t like it in here. We’re not coming back.”

Me: “That will be $13.”

The total would normally come out as a little more than double that, probably $28.

Baby: “B****.”

All the other family members are speechless.

Me: *Smiling* “Have a good night!”

Donut Be Like This Person

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