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Don’t You Speak Asian?, Part 8

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My dad is on travel with a group of three other coworkers: his immediate boss and two men in similar positions as my dad, one of whom is Korean-American. They decide to go to a Chinese restaurant for lunch, back when this is rather a novelty. After perusing the menu, where all the entrees are assigned numbers, the boss decides to ask the waiter a question.

Boss: “What item would give me the most food for the least amount of money?”

The waiter is a recent Chinese immigrant and doesn’t understand the question. After a minute of repeated rephrasing of the question, [Boss] turns to the Korean-American coworker.

Boss: “[Coworker], can you explain what I want to this guy?”

[Coworker] doesn’t speak Chinese, but instead of taking offense at the opinion from his boss that all Asian people understand each other, [Coworker] turns to the waiter and gestures to indicate a large pile on the table.

Coworker: “Big food…”

Then, he gestures a pinch with his thumb and forefinger.

Coworker: “…little money.”

Waiter: “Ah! Number seven!”

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