Don’t You Speak Asian? – Part 4

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(It is Tuesday evening after work. I went out to eat at a Japanese restaurant last night, but I forgot my credit card there, so I return to retrieve the card. I pull on the door handle, but the door does not open. I look down at their hours sign and realize that Tuesday is the one day they are closed. I groan in frustration but resign myself for having to wait another day to retrieve my card. A woman sitting in her truck nearby notices and calls out to me.)

Woman: “I saw someone go in there.”

(She points to the Chinese bakery two doors down from the restaurant.)

Me: “Okay… so…?”

Woman: “They might be connected.”

Me: “Why? Because they’re both Asian?”

Woman: “Uh…”

Me: “This is a Japanese restaurant, that is a Chinese bakery. Why the heck would they be connected and not completely separate entities?”

(She had no response to that, so I just walked away. I came back Wednesday and the Japanese restaurant happily returned my card.)

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