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Don’t You Just Love The Smell Of Entitlement In The Morning?

, , , | Right | November 6, 2020

My grandma works part-time as a cashier at a small farm where people can pick their own fruit and the like. In the store area where my grandma works, there is a station where my grandma occasionally puts out free coffee for customers. Mornings can be chilly in New Hampshire, even in summer, but now that we’re well into July it is so hot by the time the store opens that my grandma no longer bothers making coffee.

An older woman comes into the store and heads right for the coffee station, and on seeing that it is empty, walks right up to the register where my grandma is helping a line three people deep.

Customer: “Excuse me, there’s no coffee.”

Grandma: “Yes, we’ve stopped putting out coffee because it’s so hot that nobody drank it and we had to keep throwing it away.”

Customer: “You should have coffee.”

Grandma: “Well, as I said, no one was drinking it because it’s hot out, so…”

Customer: “You should make iced coffee.”

Grandma: “I’m not sure we’d be able to. It would probably melt.”

Customer: “Then you should get a Keurig.”

The woman continued badgering on about the coffee while my grandma attempted to finish serving the actual paying customers in line. Finally, the woman left without buying anything. Some people…

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