Don’t Write Checks That Your Arms Can’t Cash

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I am a man in my thirties. I live with my sister, who is in her twenties, and I am officially registered as her caretaker. I am a big, intimidating dude. My sister, by contrast, is 4’11”, 89 pounds; she’s naturally tiny and looks much younger than she is. She also has cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Her anxiety disorder tends to amplify her seizures; she has at least one a day. Her seizures are usually not noticeable since they are not stereotypical seizures. Some days are better than others.

We are on our usual grocery run. We head to checkout and I realize that forgot the eggs, so I leave my sister in line; she is having a good day and is not in danger of having a seizure in line.

Upon my return, I see a woman pushing my sister out of the way, pushing our cart to the side, and replacing it with her cart.

Woman: “Children shouldn’t be in line. NOW, GET LOST!”

I’m normally a giant teddy bear — I love hugs — but no one talks to my sister that way and gets away with it. I grab my sister and pull her close to me to protect her.

Me: “Touch my sister like that again and I’ll f*** you up so bad your kids will be born with my handprints on their face!”

Woman: “How dare you accuse me of—”

Me: “I watched you assault my sister! Do you normally harass tiny women with disabilities?!”

The woman then tries to punch my sister! I rotate my body and she hits my back instead. She tries to attack again, so I grab her arm this time and twist it behind her back. I feel her forearm break and immediately let go.

I hold my sister and try to make sure she’s okay. She isn’t; she is in one of her seizures for a minute. She starts responding right before the general manager arrives. The woman is screaming.


General Manager: “The authorities have already being called.” *Picks up a radio* “Call an ambulance, as well.”

Woman: *Clearly in pain* “Arrest him! I want him arrested.”

Sister: *Crying* “She assaulted me first! My brother is my caretaker; he was just protecting me!”

Me: “Camera footage, now!

General Manager: “I’m no medical professional, but you definitely broke her arm. You two come with me.”

We go to the manager’s office. The manager reviews the footage and sides with me.

General Manager: “That woman will be permanently banned from this store. We don’t condone anyone assaulting anyone. I don’t know what the cops will say, but I’m sure this counts as self-defense.”

The manager leaves the room and comes back with two cops. The cops get our side of the story and one cop escorts us out of the room while the other reviews the footage with the manager. A few minutes later, [Cop #1] comes out and tells his partner something, and [Cop #2] leaves.

Cop #1: “The lady says you broke her arm for no reason, and she wants to press charges. But your story matches the footage, and what you did is classified as self-defense and as defending a disabled person. You are off the hook. Now, do you want to press charges?”

Me: “Do you want to press charges, sis?”

Sister: “I don’t know… I want to go home.”

Me: “I will press charges. But can I file them after I make sure my sister is taken care of?”

Cop #1: “Yes, absolutely. Here’s my name and a note about the case; take this to the station, within the next twelve hours, preferably.”

A few months later, we went to court. The judge sided with us, and the woman had to pay all legal fees and pay us $40,000 in damages. She also served some jail time.

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