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Don’t Worry, Kid; It Took Me Until My Twenties To Like Sushi

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The public library I work at has a very large selection of cookbooks. It’s a popular section, even with the availability of recipes online. I’m shelving books when I hear this exchange between a dad and his very young son in the next aisle.

Dad: “All right, kiddo, if we’re gonna start learning to cook together, we need to find a book with recipes we want to try.”

Son: “How about this one?!”

Dad: “Why don’t we decide what we want for dinner first and then pick a book about that?”

Son: “Okay… This one!”

Dad: “Hmm… I don’t know. I’m pretty sure you just picked that because of the cover.”

Son: “But it looks so goooooooood!”

Dad: “It’s sushi. Do you want sushi for dinner?”

Son: “Yes! I want sushi!”

Dad: “So you know what sushi is?”

Son: “Umm… no?”

Dad: “It’s raw fish.”

The son is very quiet for several seconds, before whispering:

Son: “I don’t want sushi.”

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