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I Don’t Work Here, Does Not Work Here, Part 30

, , , , , | Right | January 30, 2018

(After a morning shift, I go shopping at another well-known retail store located at the same shopping centre. I am still wearing my uniform, which is black pants and a black t-shirt with the company’s logo on it, as well as a name badge with a clearly-visible company’s name on it. I am going through a rack of jeans when a lady in her thirties approaches me, holding one shoe.)

Customer: “Get me these shoes, quickly!”

Me: *keeps going through the jeans, as I don’t realise she is talking to me*

Customer: *pokes me* “Hey! Are you deaf?”

Me: *confused* “Sorry?”

Customer: “Get me these shoes. Quickly, quickly, quickly! I am in a rush!” *starts to walk away* “I will be over there. I have to get a blouse.”

Me: “Oh, I am sorry, but I don’t—”

Customer: “I don’t want to hear anything! And I want a fresh pair from the back!” *just walks away*

(I try to find a shop assistant to help her out, but this is a busy period and no one is available. I can’t see the lady anywhere, so I just put the shoe back where she found it. After 15 minutes, I am carrying on with my shopping, and the same lady approaches me again.)

Customer: “Are you f****** kidding me?! I have told you I am in a rush; I don’t have the time to look for your f****** a**!”

Me: “I am very sorry for all the confusion, but I don’t work here.”

Customer: *gives me a blank stare* “You are kidding me, right?”

Me: *smiling* “No, I work at [Company]; I am just shopping after my shift.”

Customer: *freaks out* “I am going to get that stupid smile off your face, you f******  b****! You dare to lie in my face! You are wearing your uniform and you work here! I remember you serving me upstairs!”

(The store we are in at the moment only has one floor, and I actually work upstairs at the home department at [Company]. I explain this to the customer politely and apologize one more time for all the confusion.)

Customer: “Do you think I am stupid or what? You work in the same place! This same f****** building! You are wearing your uniform; it means you have to help me! I want to speak to your manager now! I would love to get your a** fired!”

Me: *getting annoyed* “Listen, lady: I have told you several times that I don’t work here!”

Customer: “Manager, now!”

Me: *losing it* “Seriously, f*** off! I do not work here! It is impossible to get my manager, because I work in a different store! I have just finished my shift, and I am shopping here before going home, so if you could just, please, leave me alone!”

Customer: *stares at me a little bit* “Jesus, why didn’t you say so?” *walks away*

(After two weeks, the same woman approaches me on the shop floor while I am working.)

Customer: “You do work here, right?”

Me: *nods*

Customer: “Good. I need some help picking up a wedding present.”

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