Don’t Whine If You Drank Wine

, , , | Right | June 3, 2020

I will put my hand up to this. I had some red wine at lunch with a friend. While I am past the time limit for drunk driving laws in terms of alcohol consumed and operating a motor vehicle, red wine smell has always just stuck to me. I am attempting to buy wine for later in the week from a wine store at about 6:30 pm, well after the wine at lunchtime has passed my system.


Cashier: “Have you been drinking today?”

Me: “Yes. At lunch.”

Cashier: “I’m sorry, but as you still smell of alcohol, I cannot sell this to you.”

Me: “Even if it was at lunchtime?”

The cashier nods awkwardly while moving the wine I was going to purchase out the way.

Me: “Fair enough. Thank you anyway.”

I left at that point. The cashier seemed amazed I was so quiet about it. I have worked with alcohol sales in my time in retail and knew her pain.

Seriously, if you smell of alcohol, cashiers won’t sell to you. Better to refuse than lose their job. I bought my wine later in the week with no drama.

I have since been back to that wine store with the same worker, and I complimented her that she was indeed doing her job and doing it well. The moral is: don’t be a pain if you have been denied.

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