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Don’t Underestimate Your Grandparents

, , , | Related | June 20, 2022

A friend had asked me to accompany her to a family function as she couldn’t bring her significant other — more about that later — and she didn’t want to face her family alone. I agreed because, hey, free food, and I noticed she really could do with the moral support, and not going was not an option because of reasons. 

At the party, her grandfather took me aside.

Grandfather: “Don’t get your hopes up, son. [Friend] doesn’t swing that way.”

Me: *A bit startled* “Yes, sir, I know, but she was told by her mother not to bring her girlfriend because you and your wife could not cope with it.”

Grandfather: “Her mother said what?! *A bit calmer* “Tell her to come around tomorrow with her girlfriend. I’ll deal with her mother.”

I don’t know how it went with her mother, but the visit went very well. Her grandparents liked her girlfriend a lot.

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