Don’t Swear By His Parenting

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(A customer is next in line. He is very big, brutish man who is very nastily chewing out his young son.)

Customer: “I don’t give a f*** what you think, you little jacka**. I’m the f****** dad! You listen to what I say!”

Me: “Uh… Sir?”

Customer: *looking up* “What?”

Me: “This is a family establishment, and you need to stop the swearing.”

Customer: “Oh… Sorry.”

(I finish the transaction of the guest in front of him and ring him out.)

Customer: *to his son* “I still can’t believe you! You’re un-f******-believable!”

Me: “Sir! You need to stop the swearing. This is a family establishment.”

Customer: *looking up* “But I wasn’t swearing at you, dips***!”

Me: “I’m calling the manager if this continues.”

Customer: “Okay, sorry.”

(I finish the transaction. The customer is walking away.)

Customer: *to his son* “This place is un-f******-believable! I’ve had it with being told that I can’t swear! Who the f*** do people think they are?!”

(The kicker? Later, I talked to a coworker who heard them before they got in my line. The reason the dad was so mad at his son? Because his son swore. Go figure.)

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