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Don’t Stop Believing In The Power Of Music

| Hopeless | March 30, 2017

I’m at a concert with a friend. I am 17 and no stranger to metal concerts, as this one is, but this is my friend’s first. He is a few years younger than me.

It’s worth noting the audience is everywhere between teenage and fifty-something.

In between the second opening band and the main band, they have music playing over the speakers. Classic rock, mostly; some other metal songs, too. Most people just talk amongst themselves.

Suddenly, everybody hears the opening notes of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing. Everybody goes quiet, and when the words begin, everybody sings along without prompting. We sang through the whole song and it was quite beautiful, people of all ages singing a timeless song in harmony.

My friend ended up having a great time at the concert. That moment was one of my favorite concert moments ever and really showed how awesome the music-loving community can be… and also the mysterious power Journey holds over all of us!

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