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Don’t Stew Over It

| Related | December 22, 2015

(When my mom and I are waiting in line or waiting for something to start, we play Heads Up, a phone game where you have to make the other person guess the word on the phone. The category is “food.”)

Me: “Okay, this is like soup, but it’s thicker.”

Mom: “Clam chowder!”

Me: “No, like … less specific. Like it’s got all the soup components but it’s thicker.”

Mom: “…Gumbo? I don’t know!”

Me: “Okay, pass.”

(When the game ends, we see the list of all the words she got or missed.)

Mom: “Stew?! That’s not a thicker version of soup!”

Me: “What do you mean? Whenever you made beef stew, it was always basically soup.”

Mom: “Well, yeah, but that’s only because I didn’t add any thickener to it.”

Me: “So you’re saying it’s basically a thicker version of soup?”

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