Don’t Slack Off

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(I am out shopping at my neighborhood’s local grocery store and am in line to check out. When I am up to pay for everything, the manager is walking by and starts reprimanding the employee because of their pants.)

Manager: “No jeans; that’s the rules.”

(Yes, he phrases it like that.)

Employee: “They’re not jeans; they’re slacks.”

Manager: “They have pockets; therefore, they’re jeans.”

(Normally, I keep my mouth shut, but this manager’s stupidity is too good to be true, so I speak up.)

Me: “What you expect your employees to wear: leggings or sweatpants?”

Manager: “Those are against dress code, too.”

Me: “And I guess you’re out of dress code, too, since your pants have pockets.”

Manager: “No, they’re slacks.”

Me: “But according to you, any pants with pockets are automatically jeans; therefore, you are wearing jeans, and are also out of dress code.”

(The look of defeat on his face was priceless. He apologized to the employee and walked away. I went back there a couple weeks later to see the employee still had his job, but the manager was fired because of all the complaints he had against him from the way he treated employees.)

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