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Don’t Skirt Around The Issue

, , , , | Learning | February 16, 2022

At the end of my freshman year, my high school held a vote as to whether they should open up the cheer group to boys, and as a separate question, whether they should keep the “traditional” skirted leotard uniform or switch to a uniform with shorts.

Perhaps predictably, our school voted to allow boys to cheer and also to keep the skirted bodysuit uniform.

Amazingly, the school actually followed through, and for two years, we had both boys and girls in the skirted body skirts in cheer before the complaints from certain busybodies in the PTA got it shut down. 

They had us vote again about the uniform my sophomore year, and despite the skirted leotards winning the vote by more than 80%, my senior year, both boys and girls were switched to a skirtless uniform.

I still have my skirted cheerleader uniform in my closet, though it no longer fits. As a cisgender heterosexual man, I also still miss wearing skirts.

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