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Don’t Scare Away Those Bringing Treats

, , , , , , | Right | October 31, 2020

I am around ten years old at the time of this story.

It is Hallowe’en night, and I’m at a friend’s house for dinner. His street is slightly out of the way for the small number of trick-or-treaters in the area, but there have been a few.

My friend dares me to pull a jump scare on the next trick-or-treaters who ring the doorbell. I agree, and we find a plastic monster mask for me to wear.

Not ten minutes later, the doorbell rings. The front door has glass panels, but they’re frosted and slightly patterned, so you can only see vague shapes and colours. I can see a dark-coloured shape, with a few splashes of colour here and there, which I assume to be part of someone’s costume.

Putting on the mask, I wrench open the door and bellow “RAAAAAAARGGH!”…at the bewildered pizza delivery man, wearing the dark blue uniform of the restaurant he’s delivering for.

Halfway through yelling, I realise who I’m screaming at, turn around, and bolt up the stairs to hide in shame, while my friend breaks down in tears of laughter.

To this day, my friend denies any conspiracy to trick me into scaring a hapless delivery driver, but I’m still not wholly convinced. I hope the poor driver at least got a laugh out of it after his initial shock!

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