Don’t Question The Question!

| Learning | October 22, 2015

(At my school it is traditional on your birthday to take in a tin of chocolates to share with everyone in your class and all your teachers throughout the day. Naturally, these don’t always fit in school bags so I’m sitting at the start of English with the tin on my lap, out of the way, for the teacher to finish introducing the lesson before I offer her one quietly.)

Teacher: *seeing tin under desk* “What’s that?!”

Me: “Oh, it’s my birthday so I brought in chocolates for everyone. I was going to offer you one when you’d fini—”

Teacher: “Don’t you think it should wait until I’ve finished introducing the lesson rather than disrupting the whole class?!”

Me: “I was waiting; you asked me a direct question which I answered. Would you have preferred I ignore you?”

Teacher: “Go stand outside!”

(I went outside, the ONLY time I’ve ever been sent out of class before or since, until Teacher comes out to speak to me and bring me back in. By this point I’m fuming.)

Teacher: “I’m sorry I had to send you out when you’re normally such a good girl, but the rest of the class are such hooligans I couldn’t let you get away with disrupting the class. So, can I have a chocolate?”

(So, you yell at me for answering a question, you send me out of class AND you insult my friends, and now you want chocolate? Sadly it was easier to lift the lid and hope she choked on the d*** thing than say just that.)

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