Don’t Query The Enquiry

, , , , | Working | March 11, 2015

(As he has gotten himself into financial trouble I am in charge of my partner’s finances. As such I have authority to talk to all the credit agencies and they usually just call me first. Note: My partner works night shift so we normally have a request not to be called before midday. One morning I get the following call…)

Agency: “Hi, is [Partner] available?”

Me: “May I ask who is speaking?”

Agency: “My name is [Name] from [Agency].”

Me: “[Partner] is asleep at the moment but you can talk to me… I have authority to speak on his behalf.”

Agency: “Ah… hang on I need to figure out how to do the authority.”

(We go through the authorization process confirming that I do have permission.)

Agency: “It appears payments are behind a week.”

Me: “No, we have paid every payment. I’m the one who pays them and I can tell you that last payment I paid MORE than normal by accident. But the payment before took a little longer to get through to you guys because of the public holidays.”

Agency: “Ah, yes, I can see you made your last payment on time and it was $360 but it hasn’t cleared the account here yet.”

Me: “Yes… I accidentally paid the rent into this account.”

Agency: “Well… can you make your normal payment of $225 next fortnight?”

Me: “Yes…”

Agency: “All right. Thank you for calling; have I dealt with all your enquiries today?”

Me: “Ah… yes?”

Agency: “Have a good day.” *hangs up*

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