Don’t Put Your Faith In This Teacher

| Learning | May 23, 2014

(I am in fourth grade. It is December, and my class is in music. Our teacher is explaining how different religions have different holidays and songs to go with it. I was not raised with religion.)

Teacher: “So who of you are Christians or Catholics?”

Classmates: *some raise hands*

Teacher: “And who of you are Jewish?”

Classmates: *others raise hands*

Teacher: “What about Muslims?”

(One girl raises her hand.)

Teacher: “Hmm? [My Name], you didn’t raise your hand for any religions.”

Me: “Well my mommy and daddy taught me to believe in anything I want. I don’t know what I believe in.”

Teacher: “You’re supposed to be the religion your parents are! Are your parents heathens?!”

Me: “Huh? My daddy said he’s a… atheist? And I think my mommy said she’s pagan?”

Teacher: *looking angry* “Your parents ARE heathens! They will be getting a call about this!”

(My parents never got a call, and that teacher was fired for telling a child they were going to Hell for not believing in a god. To this day, I’m still an atheist!)

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