Don’t Meet The Growl With A Scowl

, , , | Working | February 6, 2020

(I am putting stock out when I hear someone growling nearby. I put down what I am doing and investigate. Two aisles away, I see an older man with a younger man who very obviously has special needs. The younger man is standing near his father/carer and is making the growling sounds; it’s obvious that it’s quite normal as the older man isn’t reacting at all. I go back to my work when I hear my manager make a coded security call over the intercom. I race down to the front of the store to see what was wrong. My manager is standing behind the counter. I can’t see anything going on that would prompt her to use this particular code.)

Me: “What’s going on? Has there been some trouble?”

Manager: *picking up the phone* “Oh, good, you’re here. I need you to keep an eye out while I call the police.”

Me: “Call the police for what?”

Manager: “Can’t you hear it? There’s some sort of cracked-up junkie in the store who’s growling and is obviously dangerous. They are probably trying to scare us before they rob us.”

Me: “Put the d*** phone down. Did you even bother to go and check what was going on?”

Manager: “No, why would I put myself in danger?”

Me: “Because you would have found out that you are about to call the police on a mentally disabled young man who is shopping with his father.”

Manager: *haughtily* “And how do you know that?”

Me: “Because I bothered to look before jumping to conclusions!”

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