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Don’t Make Your Wedding Plans More Difficult Than They Already Are

, , , | Right | May 9, 2022

I once had to deal with a frantic and angry bride-to-be.

Bride: “You sent my fiancé a message demanding immediate payment or you’d cancel his order! You told us when he ordered that he only had to pay the deposit! We don’t have that kind of money!”

Me: “We don’t send out messages like that. What did it say exactly?”

Bride: “I don’t know, but that’s what he told me it said.”

Me: “Could you get him on the phone?”

Fiancé: “Yeah, you sent me a message demanding immediate payment!”

Me: “Can you read it out to me?”

Fiancé: *Reading* “’Your order is now placed. As discussed, if you would like to make any changes, you have until seven days prior to the delivery date to do so. Changes after this date may be possible but could also attract an additional charge.’”

Me: “That… doesn’t say anything like what you said it did.”

Fiancé: “No.”

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