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Don’t Make A Rash Purchase

, , , , | Right | February 5, 2011

Customer: “I need a matte eye-shadow because I’m allergic to shiny.”

Me: “Do you know what ingredient you’re allergic to in shiny eyeshadow?”

Customer: “Shiny! You know, shiny! I’m very sensitive!”

Me: “Well, our matte eye-shadows are here.”

(I pull aside the testers for the few matte products we have.)

Customer: “Can I try this one?”

Me: “Sure!”

(I go to get a disposable brush. When I turn around, the customer has her eyes closed and is holding the tester millimeters from her eye. She opens her eyes to see me staring at her holding out a brush.)

Customer: “I’m not allergic. I can tell using muscle testing. I’m very sensitive! This is a good one! What other colors do you have?”

(She spent the next twenty minutes holding various products ‘testing them’ and announcing everything she was allergic to.)

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