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Don’t Make A Meal Out Of It

| Romantic | December 17, 2012

(My girlfriend and I are discussing about how different cultures eat certain animals and refuse to eat others.)

Girlfriend: “Would you eat your own child if you and him were trapped in a desert island?”

Me: “Did you know that some insects kill themselves after laying eggs so that the next generation will have food? And that some animals may kill and eat their own offspring during the winter if it would cause them to survive, when the contrary wouldn’t be true? Even if I could put aside my human part, the part that involves feelings and living in society, I still don’t know how I’d act.”

Girlfriend: “That’s a matter of attachment. That’s why we’re more prone to eating a cow over our pet dog or horse. It’s how much we humanize them.”

Me: “That’s why I don’t get attached. What’s been happening this time we’ve been together is me telling you that if resources were scarce, I would have internal conflicts about eating you.”

Girlfriend: “How romantic, sweetie. Anthropological romance… I like it.”

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