Don’t Love Me Tender

, , , , | Working | February 3, 2020

(I decide to stop for some tenders and a gallon of sweet tea on my way home from work. The restaurant is not busy at all. No one is in the drive-thru, and there’s one car in the customer parking. I place my order and pull up to the window. I pay. The woman hands me my gallon of sweet tea — please keep in mind that it comes in a bag — and tells me it’ll be five minutes for the tenders. I find this strange, because there’s no one behind me in line nor ordering, but I oblige. I keep myself occupied, but eventually, I realize that it’s actually been ten minutes since I ordered. Even though I’ve just seen a lot of employees buzzing around inside, I walk into the establishment and there’s only one person up front: the person that took my order. Keep in mind that NO ONE went through the drive-thru after me. I look behind her and there’s a whole bunch of tenders.)

Me: “Hi, I’ve been waiting for far more than five minutes for my order.”

Cashier: “What do you mean?”

Me: “I ordered an eight-piece tender, and I was told I had to park, but no one has brought me anything.”

Cashier: “Oh! I thought they already took that out to you.”

(She then went to throw tenders in the box and I expressed my displeasure that my food had just been sitting out this whole time. My order was even still up on the screen. I also told her that while I was waiting, I noticed they had a special on the window that could not be seen at the drive-thru, that would have brought down the price AND given me more tenders. I told her that when I ordered, I told them I just wanted tenders, and it would have been nice if they’d mentioned the deal. Then, the “Shift Leader” walked up and she clearly had just come in from some sort of break; her hair was a mess, her shirt was untucked, and she just looked disheveled. I then had to tell her all over again what had happened, because the girl clearly wasn’t going to admit what happened. The shift leader said they could refund my money and charge me again so I’d get the cheaper price… BUT I wouldn’t get the extra chicken. Keep in mind, no one apologized at all for any of this. At that point, I was just mad but could clearly tell nothing would be resolved, since the shift lead could not even understand what the issue was. I declined her offer and left, as my time is more valuable than the $1 she’d offered to refund. After I left, I realized that the cashier never put the lid on properly for the iced tea, so it leaked all over the floor of my car and over my windshield covers. Also, the tenders? They were old.)

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