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Don’t Look A Gift Towel In The Mouth

, , , , , | Related | December 22, 2020

It’s Christmas Day and my young nephew has just opened a gift that contained a book. He is not very happy.

Nephew: *In a disgusted tone* “A book?! A book?! A book isn’t a Christmas present! Who gives books as Christmas presents?”

My in-laws think this is hilarious. [Sister-In-Law] is embarrassed; she apologises for her young son and says that she doesn’t know where he got that attitude from.  

Many years later, just before Christmas, my husband’s brother moves in with us. He’s always been quite childish and has been babied all of his life. I notice that the towels he has brought with him are literally rags, they are so worn, so we plan to buy some as part of his gifts, but he buys some himself.

Me: “Oh, you got towels. I had thought about getting them for you at Christmas”

Brother-In-Law: *Gives me a disgusted look* “Towels? Towels aren’t Christmas presents. Who would give towels as Christmas presents?”

Hmm… Me, that’s who. I came from a family that likes to give and receive useful gifts, and now I can guess where my nephew’s attitude came from all those years ago.

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