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Don’t Like The Game He Is Playing

| Working | April 18, 2016

(My friend and I learn about a new pawn shop with an extensive video game collection. It’s full of vintage and highly collectable stuff, and as a collector, I’m very interested in buying quite a few things. This takes place on my first visit.)

Me: “Hi, I was wondering if I could look at your Playstation 2 games? They don’t seem to be anywhere.”

Owner: “I keep them behind the counter. No one buys them.”

Me: “Can I see them?”

Owner: “No! I don’t want to put them back in the bins when you’re done with them!”

Me: “Um… I could just put them back.”

Owner: “No way; you could steal something.”

(So, after being accused of being a thief, I leave without buying anything. On the second visit…)

Friend: *drops some change down the stairs* “Sorry, my hands are sweaty.”

Owner: “Yeah… Hehe, ‘sweaty.’”

(Repulsed, we leave without buying anything. The third time around, I go in with the intent of buying a specific game that they have for the cheapest price in town. While I’m in there, I see an older game I want, too, so I’m willing to spend a decent amount of money.)

Me: “This newer game has some weird colouration to the back of the disc, like it’s been damaged or something. What is your return policy if it doesn’t work?”

Owner: “We don’t have one.”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Owner: *sighs* “I suppose you could bring it back TOMORROW if it’s broken.”

Me: “That’s not going to work for me. I work tomorrow, and a one-day return policy isn’t helpful to anyone that has a job.”

Owner: “Not my problem. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.”

Me: “That sounds fine to me.”

(I left without buying anything. Obviously he’s afraid of making money, because he’s done just about everything possible to scare away his customers. I’ve never seen a car in the parking lot, so I must not be the only one.)

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