Don’t Let The Door Hit Your Entitled Behind On The Way Out

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I work at a small restaurant and Sundays are always busy because of our Sunday roast. It is before the lunchtime rush and we have two tables in. One is an old couple and the other a family of four with grown-up kids, in their early twenty’s.

On the family table, the daughter has a panic attack and ends up actually passing out. She comes around quickly. We open the door to allow some air in for her as she is next to the door.

Old Lady: “Shut the door! It’s freezing!”

She is sat nowhere near the door and it isn’t open that much.

Me: “Ma’am, I will soon. This lady needs some fresh air.”

Old Lady: “No. You will shut it now. My food is going cold.”

I keep the door open and get my manager to tell him what’s going on.

Old Lady: *To the Manager.* “Shut the door! My food is going cold!”

Me: “Ma’am, a lady has fainted.”

Old Lady: “I don’t care. I don’t want my food getting cold!”

We ignore her for a bit but she keeps on.

Old Lady: “If you don’t shut the door I’m leaving.”

We didn’t shut the door. True to her word she got up and left. Her husband stayed behind. He ate his lunch, ordered a dessert and a drink to follow that. He apologised for his wife’s behaviour and tipped well.

The wife waited outside the whole time. We think that old lady thought that her husband would’ve just followed her!

Source: Reddit (Credit: yuuki230, Original Story)

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