Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know

, , , | Working | March 16, 2020

(I work the third shift at one of my old jobs, so I am often out of the loop when stuff occurs in the office during the day. One night, ten minutes after I clock in, a first-shift employee in my department calls the support number, which rings through to me.)

Coworker: “[My Name], am I fired? 

Me: “Why would you think you were fired?” 

Coworker: “I just tried to log into the ticketing system from home to check a trouble ticket and can’t get in.” 

(I check his account and see it’s been disabled. I try to reactivate it but can’t because we have the same level of access. A higher-level admin or our manager has to do it.) 

Me: “Sorry, the system won’t let me. Let the boss know in the morning and she’ll get you set.” 

(Ten minutes later, the boss sent an email to me and the rest of the staff saying that the coworker had been let go and warning us not to reenable his account or reset his password. That may have been something important to know, don’t you think?!)

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