Don’t Let Bad Customers Know They Can Be Paid To Leave

, , , | Right | November 23, 2018

(I am working as manager on duty, not the store manager. I have some authority to override company policy, but not total. A customer comes in to return a product she bought yesterday, with a check. Our LP rules do not allow a cash return on checks, for ten days. Our system is set up so we cannot override this, but we can give store credit, if it isn’t a huge amount. The return is for $2.50.)

Me: “I am sorry; we are not allowed to do a cash return for ten days, but I can give you store credit today.”

Customer: “Oh, my God! I have money in my account; why can’t I just return this for cash? I have never bounced a check. That is the stupidest policy I have ever heard. You must be lying!”

(She is getting louder with every word. Other customers are watching.)

Me: “I am sorry, but our system just won’t let us do that. I will be able to give you store credit.”

(I am getting flustered, as she is actually getting a little aggressive and threatening. We go though the same dialogue again as I try to make her understand. The customer turns to the other people waiting in line:)

Customer: “Can you believe this? They can’t do anything? They won’t give me back my money?” *and on and on*

Me: “Excuse me for a moment.”

(I go back to my locker, get cash out of my own purse, and take it back to her. I hand her the money.)

Customer: “See? How hard was that?”

(I don’t think it even registered with her that I gave her my own cash, just to shut her up. I just wanted her to go. It was well worth $2.50.)

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