Don’t Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry

| Madison, WI, USA | Friendly | July 11, 2014

(During middle school, my best friend moved to California. I was heartbroken, since we had been friends since we were in elementary school. Much to my shock, however, my mother had a business trip to San Francisco and took me along. The biggest shock? My friend was living less than a half hour from the city. When we meet up again, we haven’t seen each other for more than five months. The day we met up in the hotel, this exchange occurs.)

Best Friend: *walks in* HEY!

Me: *glancing up* “OH, MY GOD!”

(We hug and both of us start crying. We stay put for a few minutes, and one of the hotel workers goes over to her father, who came with her.)

Worker: “Excuse me, but you need to calm them down.”

Dad: “Leave them be. I’ve never seen her cry in public before.”

(My friend happens to hear this and looks up long enough to shout at the worker.)

Worker: “Are you two going to need a room?”

Best Friend: *not getting what she’s saying* “Yeah! We wanna be alone, meanie!”

(Her dad lost it and the poor worker looked like she was traumatized. I still tease her about implying we were lesbians at 12 years old in San Francisco!)

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