Don’t Huff A Book By Its Cover

, , , | Right | August 26, 2009

(I notice a group of kids come into our library and head back to an unused selection of history books where they are hidden from sight. I go back to ask if they need assistance.)

Me: “Hello, were you looking for anything in particular today?”

Kid #1: “Uh… we’re fine. Just doing a report.” *holds up a book about the county from a few years back*

Me: “Oh, well, we have a newer version that you can borrow. It’ll be more accurate.”

Kid #1: “Well, I like this one. It’ll work fine, thanks.”

Kid #2: “Hey, actually do you have an older book?”

Me: “Sure, does this work?”

Kid #2: “Yeah, thanks!”

Me: “No problem.”

(I go back and talk to my coworker who promptly gets up and heads over to where the kids are. He comes back a few minutes later.)

Me: “What were they doing, anyway?”

Coworker: “They were trying to get high off the old book glue. Lucky that older brand doesn’t work.”

Me: “How’d you get them to leave?”

Coworker: “I told the truth: that most of that dust comes from dead bugs and other people’s skin cells.”

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