Don’t Have A Cow, Man

| Canberra, Australia | Right | November 22, 2010

(It is a very busy morning and I am the only one on staff. A customer cuts past the line and starts asking about soy milk quite angrily.)

Customer: “I need soy milk. I’m vegan.”

Me: “I can’t guarantee that the milk is 100% vegan, sir.”

Customer: “Show me your soy milk! Hurry up!”

(I leave the coffee machine and get one for him.)

Me: “We have [brand] soymilk. Is that okay?”

Customer: “What are the ingredients? Hurry up! I’m vegan.”

Me: “Soy juice, sir. You can read it if you want and see if it’s okay for you.”

Customer: “I don’t have time to read! You read it for me! I’m vegan!”

Me: “I don’t have time to read it for you. I’m busy serving the 10 people you pushed in front of.”

Customer: *waving bottle* “I need you to read it! I’m a vegan!”

Regular customer: “Shut the f*** up and go buy your own Soy milk then.”

Customer: “You can’t say that to me!”

(The vegan guy throws the soy on the counter and storms off.)

Me: “Thanks guys.”

Regular Customer: “Can I have a latte on light milk? You don’t have to read the ingredients. I’m pretty sure it came from a cow.”

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  • Fantaman

    Sadly I’ve known three people during college who tossed “I’m vegan” as if it explained and excused everything