Don’t Have A Bone Of Contention With That Dog

, | Friendly | June 21, 2015

(Due to her medical condition, my aunt can’t drive out of town. My uncle drives her up so my family can take care of her while he and my other aunt fly out to see their grandchildren. While she is here, I take my aunt out shopping and we buy a large bone for her Dalmatian and some treats for my cocker spaniel.)

Pastor: *driving by, rolls down his window* “Hey, could I have some spare change?”

Me: “Hey!” *waves*

Pastor: “What’s that big bone for? Not for [My Dog], is it?”

Aunt: “Heavens, no! [My Dog] can’t chew through it if her life depended on it! It’s for my dog.”

Pastor: “How big is it?”

Aunt: “She’s 77 pounds.”

Pastor: “…I’d go buy her another bone.”

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