Don’t Hate, Just Discriminate

| Baltimore, MD, USA | Learning | July 24, 2015

(I earned the nickname “Curveball” in my sociology class, because I would always say things that other people wouldn’t and/or poke holes in my classmates’ arguments. I go to a very liberal college, and one day we are discussing discrimination.)

Professor: “So what do you all have to say about discrimination?”

Feminist: “It’s a real problem! I mean, there are like no women in business and STEM fields!”

(She goes on about how we need more female doctors/CEOs/etc.)

Professor: “Those are good points.”

Me: “[Feminist], what’s your major, again?”

Feminist: “Sociology and social work.”

Me: “Okay. So, humanities? Why not STEM or business?”

Feminist: “I’m just not interested in that stuff.”

Me: “EXACTLY! A lot of women just aren’t interested; does that make them fail as women?”

Black Girl: “Yeah, but discrimination is still a problem! What about racism?”

Me: “Everyone’s a little bit racist. And you can’t tell me otherwise! In fact, everyone discriminates on gender/body type/race/clothes, etc. Say, if you see a guy, you’d probably more likely talk to him about sports than clothes or celebrity news, right?”

Black Girl: “Well, yeah, but—”

Me: “See?! What if he prefers to talk about celebrities? But you assumed he didn’t because he’s a guy. That could be offensive.”

Black Girl: “But that’s stupid. Why would he be upset over that?”

Me: “The same reason you would be upset if I asked you if you liked grape soda.”

Black Guy: “Hey, now! That’s uncalled for!”

Me: “Is it?”

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