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Don’t Hang Around For This Twitch Stream

, , , , | Right | November 17, 2021

I go into a convenience store for a cold soft drink. Standing in line in front of me is a guy in his twenties, kind of grungy, with tattoos all over both arms. He checks out and raises his hand to pay. I notice his arm “jerking”; the muscles in his arm are independently twitching, causing the whole arm to jerk slightly. I look closer and see that the back of his shirt is convulsing from his back muscles all twitching. Legs; muscles twitching, neck; muscles twitching.

I start to ask if he’s all right, but the holstered pistol he’s carrying does not give me any warm fuzzy feelings. I stand silently and watch him finish and leave, and then I step forward to the counter.

Me: *To the clerk* “Is that guy all right?”

Clerk: *Stares at me* “He’s a regular; we call him ‘Twitch’.”

Me: “Because of that muscle thing?”

Clerk: *After pausing* “No, it has to do with that pistol, but the manager doesn’t want us telling customers about it, so I can’t tell you anything.”

I never went back to that convenience store.

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