Don’t Go Toe To Toe With The Navy

| Romantic | July 8, 2013

(My husband is in the Navy, and had to complete a Physical Fitness Assessment this morning. This consists of a timed run, push-ups and sit ups. As a result, his back and feet are quite sore by bedtime.)

Husband: “I can has feets rub?”

Me: “Hmmm… do I get a feets rub, too?”

Husband: “But I had a PFA!”

Me: “So? When’s the last time I got a feets rub?””

Husband: “B-but I had a PFA!”

(I sigh, sit down on the bed, pull his admittedly very tense feet into my lap, and start working out the kinks in the left foot.)

Me: “You can never say I don’t spoil you. What do I get out of this?”

(He frowns contemplatively, then flexes his free foot against my chest.)

Me: “D-did you just squeeze my boob with your foot?”

Husband: “My arms aren’t long enough to reach them!”

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