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Don’t Go Backing To That Store

| Working | March 31, 2016

(My mom and I are out doing errands, the first of which is to have the battery in my dad’s watch replaced. We go to a local mall store which we’ve had very little trouble with in the past and go to the jewelry department.)

Cashier: “So, you want to replace the battery?”

Mom: “Yes, please.”

(It is going well enough until…)

Cashier: “Um… I can’t get the backing back on.”

(Indeed somehow all the pressure in the world was not allowing her to slip the backing back onto the watch.)

Cashier: *after a few minutes of struggling with the machine* “I’m sorry. We don’t seem to have the right tools to put the backing back on.”

(This leaves us extremely confused, but we pay for the battery and begin to leave. Just then I notice something. Following a hunch I look at the watch backing and see that she had in fact been trying to put it on backwards!)

Me: “Well, there’s your problem.”

Mom: *laughs and goes to call my dad*

(I notice the watch is still not working and the backing still refuses to sit even though I had corrected it. We take it to a nearby jewelers in another part of the mall.)

Jeweler: “Well, I don’t know who did it but the frame is too bent. This thing is irreparable.”

(Yeah, the store we had gone to had messed up an extraordinarily simple task. “Don’t have the right tools,” indeed!)

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