Don’t Get Shirty With Me!

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I am part of a team of five women. We are close, often do things outside of work, and have a group chat together.

One of my coworkers leaves to find a new job and her replacement is friendly, albeit a bit strange. This happens after she has been working at the office for about three months. 

I managed to burn a hole in one of my favourite shirts and I’m griping about how it is years old and I won’t be able to find a replacement just like it. My new coworker laments that she also has a favorite shirt, which she is wearing, but if she could, she would purchase several of the same because she loves it so much.

A few weeks pass, and I am browsing an online shop on my break. I see an exact copy of her favourite shirt. I call my new coworker over and show her. 

Her reply?

New Coworker: “That’s ugly! I’d never wear anything like that. You have no fashion sense.” 

My team looked at the screen and then back to our new coworker.

She was wearing the exact same blouse — her supposed favourite. 

She didn’t last long for various reasons, but this encounter still gets brought up years later.

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