Don’t Get Shirty With Chivalry

| VA, USA | Romantic | November 1, 2012

(My boyfriend and I are walking down a little dainty park we had found a few weeks earlier. We’ve been together for 3 months. The day before, it had rained. We come across a huge puddle blocking our path. I move to the side to walk around it, but my boyfriend quickly pulls me back.)

Boyfriend: “Are you crazy?!”

(I look at him confused.)

Boyfriend: “This is something I’ve been waiting to do!”

(He pulls off his shirt, and places it into the puddle while kneeling down on to one knee. I laugh while I walk across the puddle. He joins me, half naked, leaving his shirt behind. I kiss him.)

Me: “I knew all chivalry wasn’t dead.”

Boyfriend: “I now wish to be known as your knight in shining… pants. Since I no longer have a shirt.”

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