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Don’t Get Mailboxed In

, , , , | Related | January 14, 2018

(My mom and I are going to give up one of our dogs to a home where she’ll be better cared for. Despite my protests, my mom decides to drive without her glasses. As we’re pulling out of the driveway, we hear a loud “THUNK” and she stops. I look back and notice something gone.)

Me: “Mom! I think you hit the mailbox!”

Mom: “Oh, it’s fine!”

Me: “I CAN’T EVEN SEE IT! You knocked over the mailbox!”

Mom: “Actually, I think I did.”

(My mom calls my stepfather to help her look at the damage whilst I sit in the car with the dog. Sure enough, not only is the mailbox knocked over, it’s broken in half. After getting it set back up so we can fix it later, we drive away. I decide to poke fun at her.)

Me: “How did you manage to hit the only thing in the driveway and break it?!”

Mom: “I didn’t see it!”


Mom: “Oh, it was a mistake!”

Me: “Well, next time you pull out, don’t hit any mailboxes!”

Mom: “But there isn’t one where we’re going!”

Me: “Knowing you, you’d still somehow hit one.”

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