Don’t Fudge It Up

, , , | Working | June 16, 2017

(I’m at a popular fast food place ordering a fudge ice cream sundae. My ice cream arrives with almost no fudge on it.)

Me: “Excuse me, could I please get some more fudge?”

Employee: “I’m not the master of fudge!”

(I didn’t get my fudge, but I did get a good story!)

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  • snowgarden

    No, you didn’t.

  • disqus_7xljp2NM5j

    That’s when you tell them to get the “master of the fudge” so you can make them put more on your ice cream.

    And no you got a stupid story.

  • allahboleh

    Well? Tell us the good story!

  • Stephen

    Did you? Could you share that story instead?

  • Dsru Bin

    Sadly, you’re 0-for-2.

  • Thomas Solebrant

    That’s fudged up!

  • Darth Pseudonym

    Was he the Master of Puppets?

  • elysiana

    Master of fudge is serving ice cream,
    Scooping it out and adding toppings
    Blinded by hunger, your sundae’s a dream
    But I am not him, so you won’t get a thing

  • Siirenias

    The Master of Fudge has the day off. I am the Assistant Intern Of Fudge!

  • Clay

    “Excuse me, could I please get the good story?”

  • Raven Odette

    Master of Fudge

    Dibs on band name

  • James Smith

    In soviet Russia, FUDGE masters YOU!

  • Jackie Fauxe

    I don’t know the master of fudge, but what about Prime Minster Fudge?

    • Nuckin Futz

      fudge packer?

  • I Troll Libtards

    Garbage post

  • Souless night

    Wasn’t funny first time this was posted wasn’t funny this time

    • Angel

      I thought it sounded familiar…

  • ♛Winry♛

    So you asked for a refund right?

  • Novelista

    Have I told the “I don’t eat during dinner” story yet?

  • Sorry, OP, but the story is like your sundae: kinda vanilla.

  • TheBigBadWolf

    Serious question: Was the fudge ice cream sundae more expensive than the regular sundae?

  • Colin Danson

    Manager please.

  • Corrine Asbell

    If you think about it, nobody was really the master of Fudge, he was just incompetent. That’s why Scrimgeour was able to get him removed as Minister for Magic.

  • Missy Lamb

    Did you?

  • Medusa Jordan

    No, you didn’t,

  • Ry / Bread

    did you though. did you.