Don’t Fudge It Up

, , , | Working | June 16, 2017

(I’m at a popular fast food place ordering a fudge ice cream sundae. My ice cream arrives with almost no fudge on it.)

Me: “Excuse me, could I please get some more fudge?”

Employee: “I’m not the master of fudge!”

(I didn’t get my fudge, but I did get a good story!)

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  • snowgarden

    No, you didn’t.

  • disqus_7xljp2NM5j

    That’s when you tell them to get the “master of the fudge” so you can make them put more on your ice cream.

    And no you got a stupid story.

  • allahboleh

    Well? Tell us the good story!

  • Stephen

    Did you? Could you share that story instead?

  • Dsru Bin

    Sadly, you’re 0-for-2.

  • Thomas Solebrant

    That’s fudged up!