Don’t Egg-spect To Find Them In A Vegan Store

, , , | Right | November 16, 2018

(I work in a vegan store. It is written all over our big signs, and even our logo has it in its name.)

Customer: “Do you sell eggs? Where are the eggs?”

Me: “We don’t sell any eggs, sorry, madam; we’re a vegan store.”

Customer: “But I want to make pancakes! How shall I bake pancakes without any eggs? How the h*** is that supposed to work? I need eggs! Why don’t you sell any eggs?”

Me: “You could also use mashed bananas or applesauce as an egg substitute.”

Customer: *starts yelling at me* “You might eat this s***, but I won’t eat your mud! You vegans again! Why do always have to force your beliefs on other people? I’m sick of this s***! I just wanted to buy eggs and you try to force veganism on me! Your attitude is unbelievable!”

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