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Don’t Drop The Call

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(My nana and I live in the same apartment complex. I get a frantic call from my aunt.)

Aunt: “I was one the phone with Nana when I heard a yell and the phone disconnected! Can you go down and make sure she’s okay?”

Me: “Of course.”

(I go down to Nana’s apartment.)

Me: “Where did you fall?”

Nana: “How’d you know?”

Me: “[Aunt] called me right after. She said she heard a yell, and then you hung up.”

Nana: “I didn’t hang up on purpose; the phone disconnected when I banged my head on the table.”

Me: *to my aunt on the phone* “She’s alive. She said she fell and hit her head, but there’s no blood or bruising.”

(My aunt comes over to Nana’s apartment.)

Aunt: “Don’t ever do that again!”

Nana: “Would you rather I wasn’t on the phone with you the next time I fall?”

Aunt: “Yes! Just don’t do it while I’m on the phone with you!”

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