Don’t Dress Up Your Opinions In Niceties, Or Clothes

| Friendly | July 4, 2014

(I’m on my way home in the train from a party together with a few friends. We’re all wearing long skirts and corsets, because the party had a folk theme. Across from us are two girls. Both are dressed in very skimpy outfits: thin tank tops and skirts that do better work as a belt. They’re obviously mocking us, looking over the entire time and laughing in a very childish manner. My friends obviously feel uncomfortable. After my friends get off at their stops I’m the only one left.)

Girl #1: “So, you guys think you’re cool? Because you look ridiculous.”

(Girl #2 sniggers and mutters her approval. I look up, very calmly. They’re obviously expecting me to cower, because my friends have left.)

Girl #1: “I mean, look at you.”

Me: “Well, I feel comfortable in them. At least I have the decency to put on clothes, instead of scarring everyone in this train for life.”

(They left me alone after that.)

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